3 Luxury Brand Digital Trends in 2020

Three Luxury Brand Trends in 2020 – Part One

The world of luxury is forever changing and improving. With technology moving so fast and trends being so quick to appear, It has never been more important to use technology in the most efficient and smart way. Luxury brand can-not afford to cut costs and only ever look to improve their digital experience so customers stay loyal.

1. Augmented Reality

With faster download speeds and reduced latency, 5G could see the rise of augmented reality in connection with the fashion industry. This could lead to customers being able to “try on” designs or outfits on social platforms before purchasing them online or through an app. This level of personal experience could be instrumental in generating growth. Another great example of this is the use of chat bots of Facebook by Louis Vuitton, providing customers with a real life experience whilst finding more information about their products and services.

2.  A New Approach to Packaging

Valued, not trashed, is the balancing act luxury brands will need to nail in 2020 to offer quality packaging that stays sustainable. So we’ll likely see the majority of luxury brands experiment with new sustainable premium materials and digital storytelling as they look to create a way to turn their throw away packaging into lifetime keepsakes.

 Burberry created paper packaging using FSC-certified paper from recycled coffee cups. The resulting product has a high-quality, expensive feel and continues to resonate with the brand’s heritage. 

Burberry pledges to stop using plastic by 2025

3. Smart Shopping

Social commerce will continue on its upward trajectory in 2020. With the new releases and capability of features such as Instagram Shopping, Checkout on Instagram and a number of other features that are presumably in the works, the ability to purchase luxury clothing and products directly from social media is something that will happen sooner rather than later.

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