How To Find Your Target Audience On Instagram

It is so important to identify your target audience and interact with them, Instagram is a great tool you can use to do this. Instead of spending hours scrolling through a celebrity profile use this time to Interact and create meaningful relationships with clients. I am pretty sure a new customer is better than stalking Kylie Jenner or funny memes. My first tip is;


Hashtags are very important, you must have done your research beforehand so you know what your target audience is looking for. For example, if I was looking for a superyacht client I would hashtag exotic resorts or superyacht/private jet. Try and step into their shoes and understand what they would like to experience, Once you have done this engage and comment. Don’t go straight to a DM but try and build a meaningful relationship so they follow you over time and become a genuine follower.


The second way is to interact with your competitor’s followers. This will allow you to easily access other potential followers. Be sure to comment and interact with them before you invite people to your blog or Instagram profile. My favorite tips are to look at my competitor’s first post and see who has commented. Reach out to all of the people that left a comment and begin to engage and interact.


You should aim to do this for 30-45min per day and reach out to as many people as possible, make sure you note down improvements that you can make and use Instagram polls to receive real-time feedback and engagement. By continuously updating your story you will be able to see you most engaged new followers over time and create patterns so you also acquire the most profitable new leads.


The top three tips are all proven strategies that work, however you must keep at it! Be sure to improve weekly and recommend what hashtags work best. If you require any support with social media please visit

Author: Melanie Grace

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