Three Vital Social Media Techniques for Luxury Brands

All luxury brands have a strong social media presence however it is so easy to get things wrong. Follow the below tips so you don’t devalue your luxury brand online;

Create a unique club online

Social media groups are a fantastic way to develop a unique club online. As a luxury brand, It is important to create an exclusive feel that not everyone can have access to. Whether buyers only have access to this when they buy a limited-edition product or if they have to be a customer for 5+ years, it is a great way to build brand loyalty and offer exclusive offers and experiences to them or even a chance to buy products before they are launched to make them feel extras special.

Don’t post all the time

When posting on social media it is very easy to think that the more you post, the more likes, comments, and followers you will receive. Although it is important to post regularly, luxury brands should always remain elegant and mysterious and not post many times a day. Luxury is all about a story and the quality of posts so be sure to trade well-crafted posts for regular half thought out images.

Avoid online contests and surveys

Luxury brands rarely bother with contests. Contests, open the door up to tire-kickers — people who will never afford luxury products. It also devalues the brand – making the products feel less important as if they’re just a “give-away.” A luxury product must be earned. It isn’t a commodity. You never see a rebate on a Louis Vuitton bag, or a 20% off coupon for a Hermes scarf if you complete an online survey. That shatters the exclusivity of a luxury brand


As a luxury brand it is vital to remain mysterious and of the highest quality, never de-valuing your brand name. If you wish to spend more time on social media commenting and interacting with consumers is how you will best spend your time as you want to ensure everyone received impeccable service.

Author: Melanie Grace

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