Top 5 Luxury Instagram Trends 2020

With around 500 million people active on Instagram daily, it has never been more important to stay engaged and create attractive and meaningful content. Instagram is a great platform that focuses on images, by combining your luxury style and experience it will give you a great chance to increase your following and create a different level of engagement with your target audience. Here are the top 5 things your luxury brand should focus on;

1.Luxury Events

Luxury events are a great thing to feature, by relating your post to a specific luxury event such as Wimbledon Tennis or Monaco Yacht Show, you will be able to attract that target audience by using an image that relates to the event and the correct hashtags. Brand positioning with luxury events allows people to associate your product or service with that standard and also associate your service to something they are familiar with.

2.Colour Flow

Whether you use a filter or prefer brighter themed images, it is very important to ensure your Instagram, feed is neat and tidy. One way you can do this is by downloading Planoly, a great App that enables you to see your profile and how it would look after each new piece of content without actually having to post it.

3.Plan wisely (Top 3)

Remember when you scroll through your Instagram, it is always in rows of three. It is important to make sure you have a different contrast of images that all tell a different story. Ensure to not post anything too similar and have a contrast in up-close and distant images.

4.Content Combination

Product + Lifestyle imagery + UGC (user-generated content) means your audience won’t feel like you’re being too pushy with sales. It is very important on Instagram to not overwhelm your audience with too much text. Instagram is an image platform and should be about the quality of image and a mix of different perspectives. Remember as a rule of thumb 80/20 works well, this meaning 80% knowledge or light-hearted content and only 20% sales. The more you can decrease the 20%, the better.

5.Incorporate emotion

Experiences and emotion are a vital trend currently and something that should be integrated with your social media. From captivating videos that showcase the emotion your product or service receives to posting a funny or heart-warming image. Be sure to think how you can remain luxurious but post about the emotions your customer would want to feel when experiencing your product.

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Author: Melanie Grace

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